Account Connection

We use the most secure way provided by AWS to connect your account to our platform. We don’t use IAM users with usernames and passwords and we don’t use static access and secret keys.

We ask you to create a cross account role that whitelists our account id to allow our account to access your account, we also add an external id which is a secure string to add a layer of authentication to the connection.

The access permissions are controlled by an IAM policy that you have full control over.

Platform security

Our data stores are fully encrypted and placed in private and access limited networks. Our network transactions are end-to-end encrypted through ssl and force for ssl redirection.

We make sure that the third party services we use also meet at least the same level of security.

Billing Security

We use Stripe as our payment gateway and we don’t store any payment details in our platform as we also delegate this to Stripe.