You need to be registered as an AWS reserved instance seller.

Why do you need to transfer?

When you no longer need a reserved instance due to some changes you have made in your infrastructure, something like changing your instance’s family, or downgrading it, transferring the reserved instance makes sure that you will not pay for an unused reserved instance.

How it works

We have a job that scans your AWS account every hour. If we detect that there is an underutilization in one of the reserved instances that we purchased for you, we create a sell recommendation for it in the Milkstraw AI app dashboard.

When you click approve on the sell recommendation, we list the reserved instance in the aws reserved instances marketplace, then we purchase it from the other Milkstraw AI customer’s aws account who needs it.

Is it secure?

we don’t share user data or account data between users. The transfer process happens fully through the aws reserved instance marketplace apis.